(Abt 925-)
Wigelius DE COURCY
Baldric DE COURCY "the Teuton", seigneur de Courcy
(Abt 969-)


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1. Muriella DE NORMANDIE

2. Aubrée DE BRIONNE

Baldric DE COURCY "the Teuton", seigneur de Courcy 1250,6163,8504

  • Born: Abt 969, Courcy, Ardennes, Champagne, France
  • Married (1): 1250
  • Married (2): Before 1020, 2nd wife 1250

   General Notes:

The following information, which indicates that there is not much solid evidence on Baldric, is contained in a post-em by Curt Hoffeman, curt_hofemann AT Based on it, I added Aimee de Brionne as a wife. However I kept Muriel as mother of Baldric's 1st two children. However unlikely, this leaves Baldric marrying 1st the illegitimate daughter of Richard I of Normandy, and 2nd his great granddaughter.

FWIW (caveat emptor):

But the names "GILBERT" and "GEOFFREY" as the early ancestors of the DE NEVILLES on your list might indicate some likelihood that Baudric's wife was indeed a niece of Gilbert de Brionne, as written by Orderic. Orderic not only stated the fact about the niece of GILBERT marrying "BALDRIC," but named their six sons, including Nicholas DE BASKERVILLE and Richard DE NEVILLE, according to P. H. Baskervill...

In my letter to GEN-MEDIEVAL, I also said that BAUDRY/BAUDRIC le TEUTON and his brother WIGER came to Normandy and put themselves at the service of WILLIAM I, but it was not WILLIAM I, but WILLIAM's grandfather, Richard II of Normandy (996-1026) they served under, according to Orderic.

Abbe' Daoust states that BAUDRY married AUBREE, niece of Gilbert DE BRIONNE. This is the first place I have seen the name of the niece. [Ref: Kay Roemer <roemer222 AT> 9 Jan 2001 message to Gen-Medieval]

I have read that Gilbert's (de Brionne) niece Aubree married Baudric le Teuton and named a son Fulk, who later became Fulk d'Aunou. [Ref: Kay Roemir roemer222 AT 24 Jan 2001 message to Gen-Medieval]

Balderic Teutonicus (Baudric le Teuton, Baudry the Teutonique, Baldricus) who had a brother Wigere. They together traveled east to assist their friend the Duke of Normandy. They were the sons of

Wigelius de Courcie, the son of
Charles, the son of
Charles, Duke of Lorraine, who was the son of
Charles III, King of France, Born on 17 sept. 879 & died oct. 7, 929. [Ref: Nietzsche <Nietzsche AT GNN.COM> 12 Nov 1995 message to Gen-Medieval citing: "Royal Ancestry of the Magna Carta Barons" by Carr. P. Collins Jr. ] note: I am seriously skeptical of this ascent - basis?... Curt

Research note: Baldricus Teutonicus De Bacqueville, Lord Bacqueville & Caux... (married) Denefacta De Brienne (dau of Robert De Brienne, Count of Eu & Beatrice De Falaise [Ref: (unsourced)]


In reality, the dearth of records about him suggests any ancestry is speculatve (at best) not supported by reliable records (those that do are only guesses - my opinion only)... Curt 1250

   Marriage Information:

Baldric married Muriella DE NORMANDIE, daughter of Richard I "Sans Peur" DE NORMANDIE and Unnamed Norman mistresses 1250. (Muriella DE NORMANDIE was born about 970 in Rouen, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France and died before 1020.)

   Marriage Information:

Baldric also married Aubrée DE BRIONNE, daughter of Seigneur DE BRIONNE and Unknown, before 1020 in 2nd wife 1250. (Aubrée DE BRIONNE was born about 1000 in Brionne, Eure, Normandy, France.)

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