Sir Miles WINDSOR of Stanwell
(Abt 1410-1451)
(Abt 1414-)
John ANDREWS of Baylham, Esq.
(Abt 1415-1473)
Elizabeth STRATTON
(Abt 1425-After 1485)
Elizabeth ANDREWS
(Abt 1444-Abt 1485)
Andrew WINDSOR, 1st Lord Windsor


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Elizabeth BLOUNT, Baroness Windsor

Andrew WINDSOR, Knt., K.B., 1st Lord Windsor

  • Born: Feb 1467, Stanwell, Middlesex, England
  • Married: Abt 1490, Worcester, England
  • Died: 30 Mar 1543, Hounslow, Middlesex, England

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of Stanwell Middlesex, member of the Middle Temple, Keeper of the Great Wardrobe, Steward of Windsor, Privy Councillor, Sheriff of cos. Buckingham and Bedford, Knight of the Shire for Buckinghamshire... aged 18 years in 1485. He was a Bencher, Middle Temple, before 1500. He purchased the manor of Marsh Baldon, Oxfordshire, in 1504 from John Baynton. He was appointed to join the retinue of Sir William Sandys for the expedition to Guienne in 1512. He served as Treasurer of the King's Middleward in 1513, being made a Banneret probably after the Battle of the Spurs 16 Aug 1513... He was a legatee in the 1519 will of his aunt, Anne (Andrew)(Sulliard) Bourghchier. He was created Lord Windsor of Stanwell, being admitted to the House of Lords on 1 Dec 1529. He was summoned to Parliament from 1529 to 1541/2, by writs directed Andreæ Windsor de Stanwell. In 1542 he was compelled to surrender to the Crown his manor of Stanwell, Middlesex, in exchange for the manor in Minchhampton, Gloucestershire, which formerly belonged to Sion Monastery.


Will dated 16 Mar 1543, proved 31 Jul 1543

Testamentum Andrew Wyndsor Militis domini Wyndesor

In the name of God, Amen. The 16th day of the month of March in the 34th year [=1543] of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Henry the Eight, by the grace of God of England, France and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, and in earth of the Church of England and also of Ireland Supreme Head, I, Andrew Windsor of Stanwell in the county of Middlesex, knight, Lord Windsor, being whole of mind and in good memory, laud and praising be unto my Saviour and Maker, Jesus Christ, make and ordain this my present testament and last will in manner and form following:

First I give, bequeath and recommend my soul unto Almighty God, my Maker and Saviour, to the most Blessed Virgin Our Lady Saint Mary, his glorious mother, and to all the holy company of heaven, beseeching the Holy Trinity to have mercy on me and to accept my soul unto his benign grace and mercy;

And my body to be buried in the choir of the Church of the Holy Trinity of Hounslow in the said county whether I decease within the realm of England or without, if it by any reasonable and convenient means may be conveyed thither, that is to say, between the pillars where my entire and well-beloved wife, Elizabeth, Lady Windsor, lieth buried, where I will there be made a convenient tomb of freestone with such arms, images and scriptures as shall be thought best by the discretion of mine executors underwritten, and that my son George’s tombs be finished also accordingly;

And I will that my said burial be conveniently done according to my degree with such clothing to my household servants and such mourners as shall be appointed by mine executors, and to none other;

Diver[s](?). Lights, priests and clerks the day of mine interment, whereat I will have 24 torches and four great tapers about my hearse to be holden with 28 poor men, every torch weighing 16 lb., and every taper containing 12 lb., and every of the said poor men to have for their labour 6d and a gown of freize, willing the poor men of Stanwell to be the bearers before all other;

Also I will that during one month after my decease that placebo and dirge with Mass of Requiem to be said daily for me in the said place with the priests and clerks, and that the said 24 torches be given, two of them to the Church of Stanwell aforesaid, and ten other to be given to the churches next adjoining to the said Church of Stanwell within the county of Middlesex, whereof two of them shall be given to the chapels and fraternities of Oxenbridge and Staines, and the residue of twelve torches shall be divided to twelve churches in the county of Buckingham next adjoining to Stanwell aforesaid, whereof the chapel of Colbroke [=Colnbrook?] to have one, and the church of Stokes to have two torches;

Also I will that the vicars of the parish church of Stanwell 20s and Stoke Poges 13s 4d shall have for my tithes and oblations there by me negligently forgotten or withholden in discharge of my conscience;

Item, I will that there be given among the poor tenants and householders in the county of Middlesex and Buckingham next adjoining unto Stanwell and Horton ten pounds, that is to say, to every poor household in Stanwell and Horton 12d, and to all other poor householders next adjoining 8d, as far as the said ten pounds will extend;

Also I will that mine executors or my next heir keep solemnly an obit yearly in the said Church of Stanwell, or in such church or parish where I hereafter shall happen to dwell, for me and my wife, my father, my mother, our ancestors, friends, children’s souls and all Christian souls upon the day of the decease of my most loving father, Thomas Windsor, esquire, or within 14 days of the same, by the space of forty years then next ensuing after my decease, with as many priests and clerks as my said father’s will is, with such part of the revenues and profits as shall come and grow of my manor of Marsh Baldon otherwise called Baldon Windsor within the county of Oxford, over and above such sums of money as I have assigned for two chantries to be founden in the churches of Stanwell and Dorney if the laws of this realm will it permit and suffer, for the which obit I will that the vicar of Stanwell or such other church where the said obit shall be kept have 20d, and every priest being there 10d at dirge and Mass, and for Mass only, 6d, and every clerk for dirge and Mass, 8d, and Mass only, 4d, except the clerk of Stanwell or of such church where the said obit shall be kept I will shall have 20d for his labour, and the bell-ringers 16d;

And lights to be ordered and made by mine heirs and executors as it hath been used beforetime;

And I will there be distributed and disposed among the poor people of the parish at every obit in wheat one quarter, for bread and beer two kilderkins, and with malmsey and comfits for the choir in like form as hath been used afore this time;

And I will that all such plate and stuff as I had of my Lady my mother’s be left with Sir William Windsor, knight, my son and heir apparent, or such other as shall happen to be next heir, for th’ occupation of mine heirs and their wives during their lives, finding sufficient surety for delivery thereof to the same heirs when they shall come to it, except such plate as I underneath have bequeathed and given to my sons Edmund and Thomas according to the will and intent of my said most loving father, and all such other my principal plate and stuff embroidered, as well beds and altar-cloths of mine, to be kept to the same occupation and intent, to be delivered by indenture to my said heir for his occupation during his life and none otherwise, and so from heir to heir;

Item, I will that my son, Edmund Windsor, have all my stuff of household that remaineth at my house of Bonyorden [=Booniordens] in Stoke Poges within the county of Buckingham, and all other my movables there;

Also I will that he shall have a basin and an ewer of silver parcel gilt, being one of the three with suns in the bottom of the basin and the top of the ewer, and a pair of salts all gilt having mine arms upon them, a dozen of silver spoons, a cup of silver gilt with the garland about it;

Item, I will that my son, Thomas Windsor, have in like wise another basin and an ewer of silver parcel gilt, and a pair of salts, a dozen spoons, and another garland cup, being fellow to the other said cup;

Also I will that the said Thomas have all my stuff which is remaining in my chamber at London, and all manner of stuff that he hath and occupieth in his own chamber at Stanwell;

Item, I will that my daughters, that is to say, Dame Elizabeth Vavasour, wife of Sir Peter Vavasour of Spaldington in the county of York, knight, and Anne Corbet, wife of Roger Corbet of Moreton Corbet in the county of Shropshire, esquire, and Edith Ludlow, wife of George Ludlow of Hill Deverill in the county of Wiltshire, esquire, which I have married in my life, to be contented with such sums of money as I have bestowed upon their marriages, charging them to pray for my soul as they have cause to do for such great charges as I have had with them, and in especial with my daughter Corbet;

Item, I bequeath unto my sister, Margaret Windsor, late Prioress of the late Monastery of Syon, three pounds six shillings and eight pence of yearly annuity going out of my manor of Cranford in the county of Middlesex at two terms of the year, that is to say, at the feasts of th’ Annunciation of Our Blessed Lady the Virgin and Saint Michael th’ Archangel by even portions, to pray for my soul, my Lady my wife, my father and mother’s souls, with all our ancestors’ souls, children’s, friends’ souls and all Christian souls;

Item, I bequeath unto the said Sir William, my son, my chain of gold with the cross of the same garnished with diamonds and pearls, a spoon of gold, my cup of silver and gilt called ‘the Helmet’, with three bowls of silver and gilt, and two salts of silver and gilt with my arms, and my great chafing-dish of silver, and a basin and ewer of silver with my Lady Bedylles(?) arms in it, two great pots parcel gilt, to remain to him according to my father’s will in like manner with other plate as is above rehearsed, and this to remain to my heirs males or to the heirs male of my brother, Sir Anthony Windsor, or for lack of such issue male to my right heirs according as is above rehearsed;

Item, I will that every gentleman and gentlewoman being my servants in my house with me at the time of my decease have 53s 4d to pray for my soul, and every yeoman being my servant, 40s;

Item, to Christian and Alice, my servants, either of them 40s, and every other man and woman 26s 8d besides their wages;

Item, to Bryan and his wife, 13s 4d;

Item, I will that Anne Corbet, my daughter, late wife of the foresaid Rogert [sic] Corbet, or Andrew Corbet, son of the said Roger, have forty pounds sterlings when they shall build their hall at Linslade in the county of Buckingham which I promised to the said Roger when he went to his household there;

Item, I will [+if] that my son, Sir William Windsor, or his heirs do put out or disturb my tenants or farmers to whom I have made any lease of my own lands or of the late Lady my wife’s lands, or take any new fine of any of them for any lands by me so letten during his or their lease, that then the said Sir William shall be taken as none of my executors, and that all legacies made to him by this my present will shall be void and of none effect from that day forthward, and that my said legacies to him bequeathed shall be equally divided between my sons Edmund and Thomas;

Also I will that all such my tenants as shall be so put out or disturbed by my said son, Sir William, or any his heir, shall be recompensed of his damages and losses by mine other executors of the revenues of all such lands as shall remain by lease to my said executors for term of twenty years;

Item, I will that none of my said sons named to be any of mine executors shall not have any of their said legacies to them delivered before they have put in sufficient sureties for the rate of their said legacies for the performance of this my last will

Item, I will that Henry Draper and John Ede, my servants, have and enjoy all their offices and fees as they now having during their lives, doing their true service to my son and heir and to my heirs as they heretofore have done to me;

Item, I will that William Downes, my servant, have the preferment of the farm of my parsonage of Bordesley in the county of Worcester with all the tithes and profits of the same, with such covenants, conditions and agreements as shall be had, made and concluded between my said son, Sir William, or his heirs;

Item, I will that John Harrison, my servant, have yearly during his life after my decease forty shillings in wages, doing like service unto my said son and heir and my heirs as he now doth unto me;

Item, I will that the said Sir William, my son, after my decease do keep in his service all such servants as shall be dwelling with me at the time of my decease, if they be so disposed to abide with him;

And I will that my nephew, Anthony Windsor, and Edith Windsor, daughter to my brother, Sir Anthony Windsor, each of them to have one hundred marks, to be delivered to the said Edith the day of her marriage if she be ruled by her father and other her friends, and if she decease before she be married, then the foresaid hundred marks to remain to the said Anthony, her brother, to be bestowed in land, to have to him and to the heirs males of his body lawfully begotten, and for lack of such issue to my right heirs forever, and if the said Edith die, living the said Anthony, she not married, then I will the said hundred marks so to her bequeathed be bestowed in land to th’ use of the said Anthony, her brother, and to the heirs males of his body lawfully begotten, and for lack of such issue to my right heirs forever;

Item, I will that Agnes Windsor, and Ursula, and every of them, daughters of my said son, Thomas, have to their marriage one hundred marks the day of their marriage if they be ruled by their said father and such other his friends as shall have the governance of them, and if any of them happen to decease before their marriage, then I will the said sum of a hundred marks of her that shall so decease shall be paid to Peter Windsor, and if he decease, then to Miles Windsor, his brother, to be bestowed in land to th’ use of him and of the heirs males of his body lawfully begotten, and for lack of such issue to th’ use of the said Miles and of the heirs males of his body lawfully begotten, and for lack of such issue to remain to his brother, Andrew, and to the heirs males of his body lawfully begotten, and for lack of such issue to the heirs of the body of my son, Thomas Windsor, the younger brother unto Edmund Windsor, lawfully begotten, and for lack of such issue to my right heirs forever;

Also I will, where I was named by Edmund Dudley, esquire, with Richard Fitzjames, late Bishop of London, John, bishop of Calyapole [=Gallipoli], Master of Saint Thomas of Acres [=Acon], and John Colet, late Dean of Paul’s, to dispose certain money and goods of the revenues of certain lands of the said Edmund Dudley by his last will, I will, ordain and make mine executors for the distribution of the said money and goods of the said Edmund Dudley Edmund Windsor, my son, to dispose and order the same according to the last will of the said Edmund Dudley;

Also I will that if I have injured or wronged any person or persons, or to be indebted to any man, and that sufficiently proved before mine executors and such counsel learned as they shall call unto them, that then they shall recompense them therefore;

Also I will that if it shall fortune anything to come to my remembrance at any time hereafter that is not contained in this my last will, then if I make any other writing thereof under my seal and signed with my own hand or written with my own hand, I will that it be taken and accepted as parcel of this my last will and testament, and that mine executors and all other give credence unto the same;

Item, I will that mine executors or Sir William Windsor, my son, perform and fulfil my father’s will and my Lady my mother’s will, and my Lady Wyche’s will according to the intents of the same, which resteth and appeareth in the inventory in my said kind loving mother, Dame Elizabeth Lytton, and that also the last will of my Lady my wife and my son, George Windsor, be fulfilled, for that remaineth undone much part thereof;

The residue of all and singular my goods movable I give and bequeath unto my right wellbeloved son, Sir William Windsor, knight, after this my will performed, to do with as he shall think best;

And for the true execution of this my present testament and last will I make and ordain my executors Sir Thomas Audley, knight, Lord Audley of Walden and Lord Chancellor of England, Sir John Baker, knight, Chancellor of the Tenths, Sir William Windsor, knight, my son and heir apparent, and my son, Edmund Windsor, esquire;

And the overseers of the same my testament I make and ordain the right honourable Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, and my brother, Sir Anthony Windsor, knight;

And to every of my said executors and overseers I give and bequeath the sums of money hereafter following, that is to say: to the said Lord Chancellor fifty pounds, to the said Sir John Baker, knight, thirty pounds six shillings and eight pence, to the said Sir William Windsor, knight, my son and heir apparent, nihil(?), and to the said Duke [+of] Norfolk forty pounds, and to my brother, Anthony Windsor, knight, ten pounds, praying them to accept it, and pray for my soul, and to be aiding and assisting in the executing of this my present testament and last will;

In witness whereof to this my present testament and last will I have subscribed my name with mine own hand the day and year abovesaid.

   Marriage Information:

Andrew married Elizabeth BLOUNT, daughter of Sir William BLOUNT, Knt. and Margaret ECHINGHAM, about 1490 in Worcester, England. (Elizabeth BLOUNT was born about 1470, died before 1543 and was buried in Hounslow, Middlesex, England.)


Plantagenet Ancestry: a study in colonial and medieval families, by Douglas Richardson and Kimball G. Veringham, p. 476; Last Will and Testament of Andrew, 1st Lord Windsor

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