All Images © Bernard Casimir 1998-2014

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If you wish to use any of these images for illustrative purposes, please acknowledge the source.

Some of these images are derivative (i.e. derived from traditional Celtic knotworks or keypatterns or spiral motifs), whilst others are innovations. Others again are a combination of both. All the designs have been hand-drawn on A4 or A3 paper, scanned and reduced in size for the web.


The Zodiac, each sign in the keypattern placed between the heads of the Serpents of the Caduceus. The central figure, whilst appearing by design to be a series of rotating squares, is in fact a hexagon rotated through a circle.

Drawn for the Winter Solstice, Australia, 2003.

Circumscribing keypattern derived from Aries glyph





Libra (1) - circumscribing kepattern derived from Libra glyph

Libra (2)

King Stag


One continuous line

One continuous line

One continuous line

My Back Tattoo